Yep, that's Sphero in Popular Science

19 Apr 2011

Sphero is featured on page 30 in the May issue of Popular Science in both the print and digital versions. The article highlights the fact that soon millions of smartphone and tablet users will begin using their devices to control everyday physical items in the world around them.  A trend we of course love because Sphero is leading the charge to make this happen in gaming and entertainment.

The pictures of our Sphero prototype and smartphone drive app look pretty sweet.  As a fact check, we do have to point out two smallish inaccuracies in the article.  First, Sphero does take directional guidance from its connected device, but it reports distance travelled and speed but not coordinates in your living room (you'll have to figure out how many klicks it is from your sofa).  Second, Sphero does have an open API that lets anyone write gaming apps, but the API is not an open-source platform.

Nice job Popular Science.  We appreciate the love!

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