Winner, Winner, Bacon Dinner! Show Us Your Balls Results.

14 Dec 2012

Winner, winner, bacon dinner! The votes for the Show Us Your Balls contest have been counted and four lucky winners are about to be stocked up with a month’s supply of bacon and some serious #spheroSWAG. For the past month and a half, we asked fans to submit your best Sphero videos for the chance to win a sweet swag bag filled with a custom Sphero, a case of BAWLS Guarana energy drinks, a hypercolor t-shirt, limited edition ramps signed by Sphero’s co-founders, a Sphero gumball machine, a Sphero bean bag chair, and a month’s supply of bacon. We offered contestants four different categories to choose from to create the most ballin’ video that would bring in votes from friends and fans on Facebook. The result? A ton of awesome footage. Drumroll, please!

The first category that was sure to have everyone rolling on the floor laughing was to use Sphero to prank friends, family, classmates, or coworkers. With almost 400 votes, we congratulate Nick Stauffer with The Sphero Cats for pranking his furry family members and actually tricking a kitteh into jumping into a bathtub filled with water. Nick, your kittehs were great sports and definitely won over the hearts of Sphero fans around the globe. We think they deserve some bacon crumbles in their next meal.

Our second category tested our ballers’ building skills and Sphero’s agility by having contenders build and play on a racecourse, golf course, or obstacle course for Sphero. By tackling the ocean current and rolling through seaweed and seashells, Thomas Regny takes home the prize with Sphero at the Beach. Fans undeniably dug your beach obstacle course, Thomas. Extra kudos for filming Sphero underwater!

We were really excited to see how people could trick out their Spheros, so for the third category we asked contestants to personalize their ball with custom skins, accessories, or water gear. Robert Morris transformed his Sphero into the coolest kitteh toy ever in Sphero and Sphynxquebec Kitty and collected over 1,000 votes. Our team and supporters worldwide clearly loved watching your hairless kittehs have a ball with Sphero, Robert.

Finally, for all those who didn’t have a Sphero or just wanted to ball out, we told them to just get crazy and show us why they needed to win. Carlton Mackall duked it out in Sphero Arcade for the “get crazy” category. Taking first place can really power a person up, Carlton! Congrats. For those who haven’t yet seen the epic 3D effects in Carlton’s video, check it out below.

Santa will be delivering a big bag of #spheroSWAG to our winners this holiday season. Send us a direct message on Facebook with your shipping addresses and phone numbers and we’ll attempt to coordinate global bacon domination in time for Christmas. Thank you to everyone else who submitted videos for the Show Us Your Balls contest! It was incredibly hard to pick just four winners, and we truly enjoyed everyone’s creativity and enthusiasm. Happy holidays from Sphero & the Orbotix team, and stay posted for more ways to win #spheroSWAG next year.

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