Windows Phone Love: Unofficial Sphero App Now Available

19 Feb 2013
windowsphoneSphero operates on two main platforms – iOS and Android. But because it’s a programmable robot, Sphero can be hacked to work with just about any device. Using our open API, third party developers have controlled Sphero with everything from AR Drones to Xbox controllers. And now thanks to one of these outside devs, Sphero has an app for Windows Phone.

The app is similar to our main Sphero app, in that it allows you to drive Sphero, change colors, and take photos. The only difference is that now Windows Phone users can take Sphero for a spin! Check the developer’s blog for more information and download today. In case you missed the news, we’ve also recently launched App Bounty where devs can check out game ideas for Sphero and get rewarded for their efforts. Stay posted for more releases!

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