Win Bacon! Show Us Your Balls.

13 Sep 2012

Have you ever wanted to win a month’s supply of bacon? Now you can. Submit your best Sphero video for the chance to win the best swag bag ever. Choose from four different video categories, and in six weeks, the video with the most votes in each category will win some serious #spheroSWAG. People can vote daily, so make sure to promote your video.

Not only can you win a month’s supply of bacon, you’ll also get a custom shell Sphero, a Sphero gumball machine, a Sphero bean bag chair, limited edition ramps, a Sphero Hypercolor t-shirt, and a case of BAWLS Guarana energy drinks. Seriously? #SRSLY.

So what type of videos are we looking for? Use Sphero to prank your friends, family, classmates or coworkers. Show off your homemade Sphero racecourse, golf course, or obstacle course. Personalize your Sphero with custom skins, accessories, or water gear. Or just get crazy and show us why you need to win. Don't have a Sphero? No problem. Use your creativity to show us why you need one. Create a song or rap video, or come up with your own cinematic Sphero masterpiece.

Check out the video contest page on Facebook for the official rules and guidelines. What are you waiting for? Show us your balls! Your bacon is waiting.

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