Win a Custom Nyan Cat Sphero: SpaceParty Contest

20 Feb 2013

Space is in right now. Everyone’s getting on board – err, ship. NASA is building robots that will drill for water on the moon, and others are designing 3D lunar bases complete with builder bots that can actually make it happen. Guess what other robot is getting involved? That’s right. Sphero.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that Sphero’s throwing a party in space, and you’re invited. We’ve partnered with the popular Internet meme Nyan Cat to release the ultimate controller app – Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty (video here). Use Sphero as a handheld controller to fly your Poptart cat through seven levels of space, shooting bacon at enemies and dodging satellites to collect lollipops. And to sweeten the power-ups, we’re offering some serious swag to the baller who can get the coolest action shot of their gameplay. The gear includes a plushie Nyan Cat, a limited edition t-shirt, a box of Poptarts, and a custom Nyan Sphero valued at over $350!

partyaction2All you need to do is take your best screenshot of SpaceParty gameplay within the next three weeks and post to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SpaceParty and get your friends to like, comment, and share. The coolest shot (example above) with the most engagement at the end of the contest wins. Extra points are awarded for backwards bacon-shooting and high levels. The app is available for iOS and Android for $.99, so get partying today and show us your skills! Entries are due March 13th and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

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