Weekly Wrap Up - You've Got it In You

14 Mar 2017
Weekly Wrap Up - You've Got it In You

What day is as irrational as it is delicious? Pi(e) Day, of course. Officially recognized by Congress in 2009 (what took them so long?), we’re celebrating with our own little ratio of the amount of blood we give to the sweetness of pies we consume. Yes, that’s a mathematical constant… pretty sure.

Bonfils Blood Center has stopped by our offices and Spheroites marched out in formation with sleeves rolled up. Travis from Customer Service was the first appointment of the day, and probably the fastest, too. Though to be fair, he does get a lot of practice with rapid-fire customer service responses. Yeah, that freakin’ guy. NEEDLES to say, other Spheroites also went with the FLOW.

Now that we’re all feeling a little faint, on to the pie. How many slices…five? Seven? Anything but a rational amount, please.

A Day In The Life: Rory Overdorff

Weekly Wrap Up - You've Got it In You

Q. Sup. What’s your name and title at Sphero?

A. Rory Overdorff, Packaging Art Director.

Q. Fancy. What do you here?

A. I make cool stuff. More specifically I help take packaging at Sphero from concept to reality.

Q. What advice can you offer for those looking to get into the same thing.

A. Don’t be afraid to challenge design. Like Jake Bendrick once said, “Creativity takes courage.”

Q. A sensitive man, Mr. Bendrick. Can you show us some cool stuff you’re working on or is it top secret?

A. Top secret stuff at the moment but it’s gonna be sweet.

Q. Besides working on sweet, top-secret stuff, what else do you love about working here?

A. Getting to work alongside some really talented designers.

Q. Which of our bots is your favorite?

A. Probably Ollie because he’s extreme and really fun to drive wide open.

Q. What kind of stuff do you enjoy when not designing packages?

A. I love music and going to shows. I do a lot of gig posters for freelance work. Being a native of Colorado I love being outdoors and spending time in the mountains. Snowboarding in the winter is a must. I’d feel guilty not appreciating nature before Trump destroys it.

Q. As a native, what do you love most about this state?

A. The art scene is rad. The mountains are rad. Only downfall is the music scene. Seattle had Nirvana we have The Fray.

Q. The Lumineers let out a soothing, acoustic gasp. Can you recommend any cool places that are a must-see?

A. The art district in Denver is awesome. Tons of cool galleries. I spend a lot of time at Albums on the Hill just searching for new music to add to my collection.

Q. One more question—any unknown little fact about yourself you’d like to share?

A. The love I have for music runs deep in the family. I’m related to Keith Moon, drummer of The Who. One of the greatest drummers in rock history.

Keith Moon


Birthday wishes. Desert cruise. Small bot, big city. Grassy knolls. Right of the tracks.
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