Weekly Wrap Up - Tour de Force

31 Aug 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - Tour de Force

The past few weeks have been busy for Spheroites both in and out of the office. Not only are we honing and combining our “forces” here at HQ to be Force Band-ready this month, many of us have taken to getting the rest of the outside world geared up for us as well.

Taking care of the south pacific, Sphero Co-Founder Ian Bernstein has been down under in Australia this past week, bouncing between Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. With too few days off and too many people to see, Ian has dropped in for a few Q&As with students at places like Queensland University of Technology; guided SPRK+ through mazes with Aussie kids at Apple, stopped by Disney Channel with a certain astromech-Droid by his side and sprinkled in a few interviews with iGeek, Gizmodo and Mashable, to name a few. This week Ian’s south pacific press tour continues much in the same fashion in Auckland, New Zealand with a final wrap up in Wellington before heading back State-side. We hope a few of you Aussie and Kiwis got in on the action or said hello.

Meanwhile, a few of us are heading to Europe—Berlin, to be exact—this week to attend Germany’s annual IFA trade show. You can bet we’ll have a stellar booth complete with a few cool Force Bands, inquisitive BB-8s and adrenaline-junkie Ollies; all vying for (and hopefully winning) the hearts of Europeans the world over. Check back here next week and we may have a few IFA hearts on display for you. Figuratively, of course. We’re not monsters.

Catching flights alongside BB-8, equipped with Force Bands on hand, watch out world—we’re coming at you with a tour de Force.

No, I’m not taking that back

A Day In The Life: Julie Boyle

Weekly Wrap Up - Tour de Force

Q. Hola. To get this things going, mind telling us your name and title here at Sphero?

A. Julie Boyle, Copywriter.

Q. Hi, Julie. Can you describe for us what you do at Sphero everyday?

A. I write all marketing copy for Sphero. Website, emails, lots of social, packaging… if there are words, that was most likely me. I also eat various snacks, juggle cats, and try to take power naps on the toilet.

Q. THANK GOD I’m not the only one who does that. Juggling cats, I mean. What advice can you impart for someone who’s also looking to get into copywriting?

A. RUN. But really… I’m an odd bird. I never took any business or marketing classes. I never took a creative writing class. I studied fine art and fell into writing because I fibbed on my resume to get an email marketing job years ago. Creative Director came along and said “You’re writing the emails? You wanna do the words full time?” And it took about a split second of thought to know that this was the path to fortune and glory. Or, at least a path. I’m still holding out hope for the other two. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was “Julie, if I never have to say, ‘That’s great but we can’t say that’, then you’re not doing your job.” Always push. Some of your best stuff may never see the light of day, and that’s okay. Long story short, find a mentor. Do good work. Have thick skin. Learn all the things you can. Treat people well. Stay inspired. Earn your keep. And fearlessly be yourself. I wouldn’t have gotten very far trying to be someone else. The people you really want on your side can always sniff out the BS. Stay genuine. Also, make people laugh. That’s important. No one is above a poop joke.

Q. Amen. Can you share what you’re currently working on?

A. It’s more like “What are you not working on?” My big thing is getting the Force Band go for launch. Among other top secret stuff…

Q. So besides the cool stuff you get to work on, what’s your favourite part of working at Sphero?

A. I get a lot of freedom to write some pretty fun stuff and we are one of the few brands out there that can push the envelope a little bit to set ourselves apart. There’s a variety of different robots and products that all have their own unique voice, all while being part of one brand. It keeps it fresh.

Q. Which of our bots is your favourite to ‘keep it fresh’ with? Think I used that right...

A. That’s tough. BB-8 has my heart, because I love Star Wars way more than the average bear. But Ollie sure is fun. So, those two are my faves.

Q. What do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. Too many things. I dabble in a little bit of everything, so i’m never really that good at anything. I run. I hike. I play in the mountains. I love to camp. Skiing, yes. Climbing, sure. That’s like, all of the Colorado things. Then there’s the creative things. I photograph. I write. I read. I cook, and subsequently eat. Sometimes it’s good for me. I Netflix. I chill. Game of Thrones and 30 Rock are a big deal. Star Wars has always been my life. Bourbon and beer are a thing. I’m fluent in sarcasm. And I sleep. Sleeping might be my favorite. Mountain biking is my one big no. The scars and screw implanted in my wrist will tell you why. I’m just not good on a two wheeled horse.

Q. What do you like most about Colorado living?

A. The terrain as a result of plate tectonics. The opportunity to go up excites me. That and the silence and air up there. That’s some zen-like stuff. It quiets a creative mind that rarely shuts up.

Q. Where the air and mind are rarefied, I get it. Any favourite spots you recommend are a must-see?

A. Challenge accepted. There’s so many. Rocky Mountain National Park is my summer getaway. Such wow. Beer? Wildwoods Brewery or Upslope in Boulder. Bourbon? The bar at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is the ticket. Food? West End Tavern, Centro Latin Kitchen, Mountain Sun Pub in Boulder are places I frequent. Cart Driver in Denver for pizza. Pizza is bae.

Q. I think we can all agree bae’s place is the best place. Ok, one more question: tell us something about yourself that will blow our minds.

A. I actually don’t even work here. I just love questionnaires so people can get to know the real me.


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  2. Moment of zen.
  3. Hot head.
  4. Ollie fly.
  5. The OG.
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