Weekly Wrap Up - SXSWedu

07 Mar 2017
Weekly Wrap Up - SXSWedu

Ok, March is now officially here (has been for a week, I guess), and if you’re down in Austin this week—like the rest of the country’s youth—come get your pre-music-festival game on and visit us at Playground #38 on the 4th Floor. We got a Sphero DDR going on for those of you who just gotta dance.

Will there be young, brooding artists learning how to code? Maybe—what better way to prep for your music set 3 days out than coding with SPRK+? You’ll just have to come visit us to see for yourself, maybe pilot a SPRK+ through a brooding maze. Is that a thing? It can be, if you set your imagination free. Oh yeah, and Bill is there too, so be sure to say “Sup” while you’re at it.

Bill and the Broods? Sounds like a new band name to us. Yeah, we went there. Take the bait.

For those of you not currently present in Austin, check out Bill get his dance on in this demo.

A Day In The Life: Bre Madsen

Weekly Wrap Up - SXSWedu

Q. Good morning. Please tell all our (3) fans your name and title here.

A. Bre Madsen, Accountant.

Q. Hi, Bre. What do you do at Sphero every day?

A. If you’re looking for accolades, I’m a Professional Paper Pusher.

Q. I’ve heard of those, very popular. What sound advice can you impart for those looking to get into the same thing?

A. Must have a proven resilience to papercuts, exhibit an irrational excitability about excel formulas, display genuine enthusiasm for solving puzzles (real-life or theoretical) and illustrate proficiency with a calculator. Lastly and probably the most important, for protection - their own Nerf gun.

Q. Do you need said Nerf gun because you’re working on something top secret?

A. Top secret, nah. But uninteresting according to most social circles.

Q. Nerf gun says otherwise. What do you love most about working here?

A. The people and the culture. I have a genuine appreciation for people across the spectrum, especially for those that push social norms, and Sphero is filled with incredibly unique and fascinating individuals.

Q. Do you have a favorite bot?

A. The Darkside, for obvious reasons. 

Q. Obviously. What kind of things do you get into outside of work?

A. Scholarly research on light topics like Politics and Race in America. Write and publish articles. Read incessantly and attend documentary screenings.

Q.What do you enjoy most about living in Colorado?

A. Road rage. Sometimes life can be mundane, but daily spats of road rage keeps you at the top of your game.

Q. Can you share some spots you recommend we check out around here? What are you favorite places to eat or hang?

A. If you’re hipster-esque, I’d say City, O' City in Denver. But don’t go there for the ambiance, political discourse or beards, go there for their egregiously overpriced Gluten-Free Vegan rendition of the Hostess Cupcake. [Also,] The library. Museums. The IMAX. Dairy Arts Center. Paramount Theatre.

Q. Solid reco’s. Last question—what little tidbit can you share about yourself?

A. I’m socially awkward. The easiest way to confuse me is to reference anything pop-culture. Public pens terrify me. If you cough, sneeze or sniffle in close proximity to me, I instantly start to sweat and panic while simultaneously planning my exit strategy. I own binoculars and use them to scout for Hawks.


Peek-A-Boo. Wampa wig. So fly. Rain on me. Martian lands.
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