Weekly Wrap Up - SPRK+ 1

28 Feb 2017
Weekly Wrap Up - SPRK+ 1

MARCH IS HERE! Well, almost. Sorry, February—we know you’re already the shortest month, but we’re ready to MARCH right into next month—er, roll I guess—with SPRK+.

Next week jet-setter SPRK+ dazzles in the name of education and coding at two events: SXSW in Austin and GESS in Dubai.

Did you know SXSW isn’t just a music festival? Yeah, you can actually take a break from the crooning (or screaming, I don’t know your musical tastes) of Up-And-Coming-Artist to the Interactive section of SouthBy and visit us at our booth with Workbench. SPRK+ would be happy to see you.

If you fancy and on the other side of the world in an even fancier place like Dubai, well…we’re sure you have a ton to do. BUT should you find yourself at GESS, do come and say Marhaban.

A Day In The Life: Matthew De Goes

Weekly Wrap Up - SPRK+ 1

Q. Ok, you probably know the drill since you help me post this every week, but for formality’s sake, please tell us your name and title here.

A. My name is Ragnar Scarhead...err Matthew De Goes and my title is Senior Front End Manager, Web Properties.

Q. And what do you do at Sphero every day, Mr. De Goes?

A. I guide, develop, maintain and evolve our customer facing web properties, ensuring they keep up with both modern design and technology standards, in concert with some amazingly talented people on our graphics team. I also ensure my chair doesn't up and float off the surface of the planet.

Q. I hate when that happens. What advice can you offer for aspiring front-end developers?

A. Work with passion and never stop learning, whether it be reading, listening or from others. Match confidence with humility and treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Learn from masters and then do your fair bit of challenging them.

Q. I think that’s just solid life advice right there. Can you share what you’re currently working on or is it super secret?

A. Definitely secret, but my plans for universe domination are still in beta. As for Sphero, I'm currently doing a redesign of our e-commerce platform to update the user experience and overall aesthetic.

Q. Both the users and the aesthetics will thank you. What do you love most about working here?

A. I see a lot of my colleagues say the 'people', but I can't stand most of them, just between the two of us. Just kidding. It's a close tie between the amazing people of Sphero and a product/vision I can really get behind and get super excited about. The fusion of robots and play is something any geek can get behind.

Q. Which of our bots is your favorite?

A. As a geek, my favorite is BB-8, because I can't help it having grown up with StarWars. To play with, definitely Ollie. Why? Because. SPEED, POWER, CRASH, AWESOME!

Q. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

A. In my spare time, I love to take long walks on the beach...except I live in Colorado where there are no beaches. So instead, I do some weight training, hiking, video games, digital painting and have good times with family.

Q. Helps to have an adorable son and a Selkie wife. Back to you—what do you love most about living in Colorado?

A. The snow. I don't ski or any such dangerous and potentially life-threatening habit (See Ice Skating), but I love the cold weather and the freshly fallen snow. I also love the balance between the great outdoors and modern conveniences.

Q. Have any favorite spots around here you like to frequent?

A. For those who are coffee lovers, I've gotta recommend Ozo's Coffee. They've some truly amazing beans, and though I'm not really a coffee aficionado, I've gotta say their Cappuccinos are out of this world.

Q. Ok, last question—can you share something surprising or unexpected about yourself?

A. I've got a double jointed thumb. It's pretty scary to behold and makes opening peanut butter jars a real challenge.


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