Weekly Wrap Up - Sphero's Famous Chili

18 Oct 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - Sphero's Famous Chili

As the leaves start to fall at an alarming rate (wasn’t that whole tree just there yesterday?) and the temperature drops a few 10 degrees, you could say we’re getting a little CHILI here at Sphero. But before you break out the beanie and boots your barista has been rocking since July, we’re talking about a Sphero Chili Cookoff right here in HQ.

The rules? Simple—bring you best chili game and chili name. The competition? SASHA-FIERCE. A total of 16 chilis were made much to the delight of hungry Sphero-ite judges and chili aficionados, with a wide variety of floor-spice free (so we’re told) recipes to choose from. Some were of the pumpkin spice variety, others threw in their neighbor’s vegetable garden while their counterparts packed enough meat to make a butcher blush. Regardless of your dietary preference, all chilis packed a punch in flavor much to the delight of Sphero-ites the HQ over. Some also packed a spice-inducing cough to an unsuspecting victim, but we’re not naming any Claytons.

With condensation building on the windows of our main kitchen, you could say our cook-off was a hot success. While HR would have us say everyone is a winner—and you guys are—we’d like to congratulate our three winners as determined by the Council of Toothpicks, Julie Boyle, Mike Moran and Nicole Santilli for sharing their best recipes either stolen from their grandmother or Alton Brown.

For next year, we’re really hoping for our own version of Kevin’s Famous Chili and since we have three Kevins in the office, our odds are looking really good. You guys cook, right?

Got a burning recipe you want to share? Pack it in a Crock-pot and send it our way to put our one-time chili-judge experts to the test.

Or just drop by and leave it on our doorstep. It may be subject to search by our local security raccoons, though. They’re pretty diligent about that stuff.


A Day In The Life: Matt Knox

Weekly Wrap Up - Sphero's Famous Chili

Q. Hi, there. Let’s start this off with a few formalities: name and title here at Sphero?

A. Hey! I'm Matt Knox but most people call me Knox and I am the Senior DevOps Developer on the Platform Team.

Q. Hi, Knox. Please elaborate on what exactly you do at Sphero every day.

A. I keep all of the backend services that support our bots up and running with the rest of my team.

Q. Ah, so that sounds pretty important for all of us bot players. What advice can you give to those wanting to do what you do?

A. Get involved in the community! Both Denver and Boulder have great meetups for the DevOps community. 

Q. So what are you working on right now?

A. Currently I am working on migrating our existing applications from one cloud service onto our own infrastructure that will allow us more flexibility and stability while reducing cost.

Q. Timely and efficient, just like my sandwiches. What do you love most about working here?

A. I am very proud to work for a company that has a strong focus on education. I was always the kid who would take things apart to see how they worked or spend late nights learning to code. Working with technology designed to spark that same excitement in a new generation is very exciting to me.

Q. So which of our bots most sparks excitment for you?

A. Of course I love all of our bots, but if I had to pick one I think I would have to go with Ollie. He is just so much fun to drive around, especially with the Force Band!

Q. YAAAAS Ollie. What exciting things do you get into outside of work?

A. Most of my time outside of work is spent either working with large breed dog rescues, home-brewing, or playing hockey.

Q. Three things most people here love, I’d say. What is your favorite part of living in Colorado?

A. The snow melts! I grew up in Michigan and winter just lasted forever there. I love having all of the seasons, but glad that the winters here are not nearly as harsh.

Q. Agreed. What are you favorite places to hit out around here?

A. I am a big pinball fan, so you can often find me at 1up, Press Play, or any of the other arcade bars around.

Q. Completely with you on that. Last question—what can you share that most don’t know about you?

A. I have always been into movies (especially horror) and I think that if I didn't go down the career path I did I would have gone into movie production.


  1. Fresh fall air.
  2. My office.
  3. Family moments.
  4. Noble steed.
  5. Oh. My. Disney.
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