Weekly Wrap Up - SPA Week

13 Dec 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - SPA Week

If the title of this blog post gave you a visual of all of us basking in a steam room eating bonbons (that’s what you do in steam rooms, right?), you’re not entirely wrong. This week is Sphero Accelerator Program Week, or SPA Week, and to quote a great wordsmith who could’ve been an ambassador for Band-Aid, it’s gettin’ HOT in heeeeeeeere.

Despite what you may think, Sphero’s engineers aren’t the only members of our team who influence our company and the products we make. Our designers, marketers, customer support service members, accountants, software developers—you name it—all have a voice in how the company operates. We recognize our next great idea can certainly come from any one of these voices and encourage their participation.

Thus, SPA Week was born, where any Spheroite can pitch an idea they have for a new Sphero product. These projects are pitched and voted on by employees. Those who win the majority of votes earn the potential to be put into production and be the next great Sphero product put into your hands.

So if ever you had aspirations to create and inspire outside the bot, SPA week’s got you covered.

A Day In The Life: Bo Adepoju

Weekly Wrap Up - SPA Week

Q. Good morning. What’s your name and title here?

A. Hi! My name is Bo! I'm a firmware engineer.

Q. Firmware engineer, huh? What exactly does that look like day-to-day?

A. I write the magic code that runs on and powers our robots, bringing them to life!

Q. IT’S ALIVE. What advice can you impart for those also looking be modern-day Frankensteins?

A. Lots and lots of things. Schooling in computer engineering, computer science, or electrical engineering is definitely helpful as it is a place to dedicate time to learning your interest and collaborate with like-minded peers. There are incredible communities of makers/tinkerers/hackers/hobbyists/roboticists at universities and maker-spaces all over the US, and there are also great podcasts and blogs by and for embedded engineers. The best advice I could give is to connect with a community of folks who are interested in robotics, and to dive-in and start building stuff!

Q. Can you share what you’re currently working on? Or is it super secret?

A. It's all extremely super top-secret.

Q. Figures. Ok, so what do you love most about working at Sphero?

A. We make things that bring joy to people's lives, so naturally everyone here is extremely fun-loving. I love that.

Q. Do you have a favorite bot of ours?

A. SPRK and SPRK+ are definitely my fave, because of all the amazing things you can code them to perform via Lightning Lab. I'm consistently inspired by what I see people doing all over with Lightning Lab and our robots.

Q. What do you like to do outside of work?

A. I'm a huge gamer. Catch me on Overwatch trying to rank up.

Q. WOOO! What is your favorite thing about living in Colorado?

A. The mountains. Are. Gorgeous. Snow covered Rockies are pretty amaze.

Q. YEAH, THEY ARE. Do you have a place you recommend to check out?

A. Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, CO is pretty cool.

Q. Ok, last question—what can you tell us about yourself most people don’t know?

A. I'm the coolest but that might already be well known.


  1. Wookie walks.
  2. Safety first.
  3. Golden hour.
  4. To the world.
  5. Planner.
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