Weekly Wrap Up - London Coding

25 Oct 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - London Coding

After all that chili ingestion (and possible indigestion) last week, we opted for a little longer swim than usual—across the pond, in fact—to burn off some of those calories. Don’t worry—most of us totally waited 30 minutes after eating, promise.

This past week we dropped by Apple’s flagship store in London to do some coding with the British youths. The Regent’s Street store was celebrating a grand reopening and we were there for Kids’ Hour, where 40 kids paired up and partnered with 20 SPRK+ bots to create their own mazes.

No amount of dreary rain or soggy Jammie Dodgers could keep this crowd from smiling, as kids and their parents were racing the clock to get their SPRK+ bots to the finish line.

We also had such a good time we decided to bring this show back to the States in Williamsburg next week. Sans the British children, since we had to make room for all the British biscuits.

It’s cool though, they understand.

A Day In The Life: Lauren Mitchell

Weekly Wrap Up - London Coding

Q. First thing’s first—the people want to know who you are and what you do here.

A. Lauren Mitchell, Operations Manager.

Q. And what exactly does that entail on the daily?

A. Oversee logistics. We are responsible for the product ex-factory to end consumer.

Q. So you keep the masses happy by making sure we get out bots. What advice can you give for someone also looking to get into operations?

A. Everyone is your customer. Quality service is whatever the customer says it is.

Q. Spoken like pro. What are you working on these days?

A. We're working to keep our B2B channel appropriately stocked for holiday and prepping to support increased B2C activity over holiday.

Q. Last-minute shoppers everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. Besides making their lives easier, what do you enjoy most about working at Sphero?

A. My team is so fun! We always manage to find something to laugh at even when things get crazy.

Q. Yeah, and have epic Nerf-gun battles that I’m never invited to, but it’s fine. Do you have a favorite bot?

A. Sphero 2.0. It's so versatile and was the robot that introduced me to some basic coding.

Q. Shoutout to the OG. Respect. What sort of activities do you enjoy outside of Sphero?

A. Hike, camp, hang out at breweries.

Q. And your favorite aspect of living in Colorado?

A. 300 days of sunshine with 4 seasons.

Q. I’m pretty sure that’s on a move-to-Colorado pamphlet somewhere. Do you have a favorite go-to spot around here?

A. Joyride Brewing Company.

Q. Alright, send us on home with an interesting tidbit about yourself.

A. I can't bake without a healthy dash of expletives.


  1. Pumpkin-Spice Droid.
  2. That tin, tho.
  3. Brr.
  4. Push it.
  5. Stranger Things.
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