Weekly Wrap Up - Learnings

24 Jan 2017
Weekly Wrap Up - Learnings

Putting the toilet seat down. Saying “please” and “thank you”. Not eating a box of Pop-Tarts in one sitting. These are all basic metrics you can find in the Book of Success—a book we just made up, that is. Although some of you may have already mastered these metrics (applause), the basic idea is that learning new skills can only lead to success—whatever that may look like to you—and learning is something we believe should never be satiated.

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re big fans of learning and spreading our love of learning to others far and wide. As far as across the Pond, in fact.

Like a fraction, we’re splitting in two and attending both the Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando and Bett Show in London this week. With SPRK+ and our Lightning Lab App, education and tech leaders from around the world will be learning to create, calculate and problem-solve a variety of STEM activities they can share with their classrooms and with you, too.

Learning to code a robot through a simple drag-and-drop interface? Put that in the Book of Success, right next to “Dressing Yourself”.

Unless you haven’t left your house today.

A Day In The Life: Nathan Shriver

Weekly Wrap Up - Learnings

Q. Hi, can you tell me where the bathroom is? And also your name and what you do here?

A. Oh hi. Didn’t see you there. My name is Nathan. People who shorten my name call me Nate. I’m an Accountant!

Q. You have my attention, so I guess I don’t have to go that badly. What do you do at Sphero everyday?

A. Who’s asking? Mom? Mike from HR? I swear I do things at work.

Q. Yes, work-things. What advice can you offer for someone also wanting to do the work-things you do?

A. If you’re going bald, just embrace it. Bring it up often actually. Maybe even too often.

Q. Can never be too often. What are you working on today?

A. We’re closing the books! Not literally. It’s super technical accounting talk for finalizing our fiscal year.

Q. Fiiiiiiiissss-kul. Sounds fancy. Or fishy. What do you like most about working here?

A. The people aren’t robots. They make them, but, ya know, everyone is real (or are they).

Q. You tell me. Which of these robots—or people—is your favorite?

A. BB-8! I grew up going to antique stores to buy Star Wars toys. Not to brag, but, yeah, I have a millennium falcon.

Q. Pssssh…way to name drop. What do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. Well if you mean right outside Sphero, I’m probably listening to an economics podcast eating my lunch. If you mean further than that, I could be climbing something, like a rock, or skiing something, like snow, or listening to something, like music!

Q. Eating lunch is pretty sweet. What is your favorite things about living in Colorado?

A. Q: “I’ll have the burrito. Could I get that smothered in Green Chili?” A: In Kansas – “Huh?” A: In Colorado – “Totally, brah.”

Q. I hear ya, bruh. Can you recommend any choice places around here to check out?

A. If Sufjan Stevens is in town, wherever he is. If not, there is a 50% chance I’m at El Camino with my wife, Sarah, eating a Mexican Stoplight (guac, queso, salsa).

Q. Can never have enough guac recommendations. Last question—what is a little not-well-known fact about you?.

A. I’ve been trained to like the smell of cow poop. You know, the westerly wind when it is about to snow brings in that poo smell (shout out to my jbs crew). And I love snow. It’s not my fault. Pavlov’s got my back.


  1. Spikey friend.
  2. If the shoe fits..
  3. Say cheese.
  4. Small, please.
  5. Maybe the blue..?
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