Weekly Wrap Up - Go America

31 May 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - Go America

As the weather gets warmer outside, we definitely have been seeing a spike in running traffic along Boulder Creek Path. Yes, men and women of all shapes and sizes are trading their ski boots for trainers and jumping in the neon stream that RUNS ever-so-steadily right outside our window. Pun always intended.

This Memorial Day weekend Spheroites laced up with 50k other participants for one of Boulder’s most popular pastimes, the BolderBoulder. This 10k takes you on an intimate tour of Boulder’s popular thoroughfares and neighbourhoods (of which residents may or may not have provided their own beer aid stations for runners) peppered with dancing cows, live bands and the occasional slip ’n slide, all leading to a grand finish at Folsom Field in the heart of CU’s campus.

Maybe not so much blood, but sweat, tears and sonorous WOOOOOOOS! were in abundant supply as runners embraced the finish line with the enthusiasm akin to seeing a box of donuts the first day after lent (really when are donuts not viewed this way?). Yes, this patriotic holiday was alive in the land of the free and home of the brave, but looking at some of post-holiday-weekend faces this morning, perhaps others are just hoping any amount of coffee will help them feel alive this morning. Carry on, brave souls.


In the most articulate and heart-felt wordsmithing of our French intern, Achille, may “GO AMERICA!” keep you feeling alive until next week.


Go, indeed.

Weekly Wrap Up - Go America

A Day In The Life: Nikolas Gatan

Weekly Wrap Up - Go America

Q. What's up, buddy. For those who don't know you: Who are you and what’s your title here?

A. My name is Nikolas Gatan and I am an Operations Coordinator.

Q. And can you further detail what exactly you do at Sphero?

A. I ship robots to retailers and schools.

Q. I can see how this is a pretty important gig. What advice can you impart for someone who’s looking to get into the same thing?

A. I would say, “Be ready to expect the unexpected and know your shipping terms!”

Q. Robots come to those who wait. Can you share what you’re currently working on?

A. I am currently working on shipping robots into schools and school districts and something top secret!

Q. Keeping kiddoes happy and educated is how it should be. So what is your favourite aspect of working at Sphero? Ice cream day is pretty sweet (see what I did there?) so if it’s that, I get it.

A. There are a lot of reasons I love working at Sphero, but I would have to say getting to work with the people on my team because they are hilarious and awesome. I also do like that I can bring my dog to work.

Q. Oh that’s a good one—no one hates pups nor laughing. Does a specific bot of ours also keep you entertained?

A. My favorite bot is BB-8 because I love StarWars.

Q. Force is strong with that one, amiright? Sorry. Ok, let’s dig a bit deeper—what do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. I love to eat! Finding and eating at new restaurants in Denver or Boulder is at the top of the list.

Q. So besides endless food touring—and that is important—what do you love about living in Colorado?

A. My favorite thing about Colorado is the fact that we get seasons. Being a San Diego kid, it was a nice change from the one season San Diego had being summer.

Q. Who doesn’t like some colourful trees or fresh pow? For those that are new, can you recommend a place I gotta check out?

A. I would recommend The Acorn in Denver. It is in the Source building, which is super rad. The food is also legit!

Q. I would imagine you wouldn’t steer us away from food. Alright, back to you—tell me something about yourself that will blow my mind. Or at least that I will find unexpected.

A. I like to wear funky socks with cool designs.

ICYMI Top 5:

  1. How to navigate a force field.
  2. Rey and BB-8 Forever.
  3. Pool lounging.
  4. Hide and seek.
  5. Biggie and SPRK.
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