Weekly Wrap Up - Code Days of Summer

02 Aug 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - Code Days of Summer

The days are hazy, the activities are lazy, and there is an "S" word looming for every kid out there. No, not that one... how dare you. Around this time every year, retail stores across America trade their beachy Summer-Fun displays (even in land-locked states like ours) for Back-To-School paraphernalia overflowing all the way to checkout. While this sight may illicit quivering from kids and rejoicing from parents, we were too eager to wait for fall and were already back in the classroom with Apple.

This summer we were invited by Apple to participate in Apple Camp. Not your typical summer school session, this free camp teaches kids fundamentals in filmmaking and storytelling through iMovie and iBooks. Now for the first time this year—and this is where we come in—Apple Camp is teaching kids fundamentals in coding through robotics. And not just any robots at that—our SPRK+ to be more specific.

This past weekend our EDU team headed to San Francisco for Kids Hour to get in on the action. Using our newly-updated Lightning Lab app, kids programmed our SPRK+ in our Sphero Maze Challenge, dragging and dropping different commands on the coding interface to make SPRK+ roll left, right, up, down and all around.

From the look of excitement on both kids’ and parents’ faces, we feel learning to code can be fun and we’re glad to help provide that experience, one SPRK+ at a time.

If you’d like to let your creativity run wild and learn to code in the process, we recommend checking out Lightning Lab and learning more about SPRK+.

Drop [code] like it's hot and let's get this ball rollin'.

A Day In The Life: Stacy Carter

Weekly Wrap Up - Code Days of Summer

Q. To start us off, mind telling us your name and title here at Sphero?

A. Stacy Carter, General Counsel.

Q. And can you tell us what you do at Sphero everyday?

A. I'm in charge of our legal function here at Sphero.  That runs the gamut from reviewing customer and vendor contracts to HR support to security and privacy, and everything in between.

Q. Lots of fine print to read through and understand on behalf of the rest of us. What advice can you impart for those looking to do the same thing?

A. Well... law school is the first step.  After that, I think the most important role of a general counsel is understanding the business, industry and competitive landscape of your company top to bottom.  Being an in-house lawyer is much more than understanding laws and how to apply them - it's also being part of a team moving in the same direction towards achieving its goals.

Q. You could say we’re on the right side of the law, amiright? Ok, sorry. Can you share what you’re currently working on or must you plead the Fifth?

A. Because Sphero's products are loved and used by children of all ages, we have a unique responsibility (with great power comes great responsibility...) in the privacy and security realm.  Right now, I'm spending a lot of my time making sure we are living up to that responsibility.

Q. We appreciate that, thank you. What do you enjoy most working at Sphero?

A. I went to CES with the team my second week working at Sphero.  During the show, I spent several hours a day demoing our products side by side with dozens of other Spheroites.  It was great to interact with our customers, hang out with the Sphero team and coax Ollie to do epic ramp tricks.

Q. Ollie is a beast. Not to influence your answer, but which bot is your favourite?

A. Ollie...see above...epic ramp tricks!

Q. Yea-uh, buddy. Beyond reading fine print and taking Ollie for a spin, what do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. Hanging out with my husband, 3 kids and 2 cats.  On weekends, I'm a typical soccer mom - driving kids to and from games, dance recitals and playdates.

Q. Keeping active and busy. What do you love most about living in Colorado?

A. Broncos and craft beer!

Q. Can’t argue, there. Can you recommend a place I gotta check out?

A. We live in Denver and I love to walk to local restaurants. Vital Root and Pinche Tacos are current faves

Q. With you 100%. Ok, one last question: tell me something about yourself that will surprise me or that I’ll at least find unexpected.

A. I'm an Army brat and spent my childhood living all around the US and Latin America.


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