Weekly Wrap Up - Chicken Foot

12 Jul 2016
Weekly Wrap Up - Chicken Foot

Star Wars. Yeah, that got your attention. This week we’re particularly stoked about Star Wars because we’re heading across the pond for Star Wars Celebration in London. We especially enjoy attending shows in different countries to experience their culture, possibly because our own Sphero culture is slightly different from most work cultures. And we like that.

If you’ve been following this blog for a minute, you may have read a mention of a Friday ritual we have called Chicken Foot. First let us set the stage: every Friday during our weekly company meetings, we take nominations for both the Board of Thanks (BOTs) and Chicken Foot. BOTs is pretty self-explanatory, where employees nominate other employees for helping out on a particular task, going above-and-beyond the call of duty or simply being awesome. Chicken Foot is kinda the reckless brother to BOTs, where employees are nominated for doing something…blunderous. Let’s go with that.

This ritual is all in good-nature, as nominees are usually self-nominated. Some past winners include accidentally breaking prototypes, terminating yourself, sleeping through a scheduled interview, missing a flight or the always-favourite—nearly setting the company on fire. Which has happened more than once. Safety is not overrated.

Despite some near-miss hazards, we celebrate both achievements and blunders, because that’s part of what makes us creative, if not hilarious. Winners of Chicken Foot should wear this badge with pride, since it’s probably the only Chicken Foot they’ll ever get.

Unless your name’s Ross. So many chicken feet.

A Day In The Life: Jordan Chong

Weekly Wrap Up - Chicken Foot

Q. Sup. Can you tell us your name and title to get a few formalities out of the way?

A. My name is Jordan Chong and I'm the Systems Administrator here at Sphero

Q. And what exactly do you do at Sphero everyday?

A. Hmm. I'm the jack-of-all-trades IT guy. I [do my best] to maintain and expand our infrastructure while attending to the changing needs of our employees.

Q. If it weren’t for you, nothing would work. What advice can you offer for someone looking to also be a tech doc?

A. Have a passion for what you do! I try to give everyone this snippet of advice. IT positions can be as narrowly focused or as wide-reaching as you want them to be. I have found that people don't know where to get started in their IT careers, but having a passion for technology is the driving force that will not only help people to get started, but to keep them motivated as technology evolves over time. 

Q. May there be others like you. Can you share what you’re currently working on or is it super secret?

A. Haha, nothing super secret that I can't share. My current projects are updating Sphero's network, budget forecasting (the fun stuff), projects related to single sign-on and device management.

Q. So what’s your favorite aspect of working at Sphero?

A. My favorite aspect of working at Sphero is working with people from diverse backgrounds—all of whom are working towards a common goal: Delivering the best connected play experience in the world.

Q. Speaking of connected play, which of our bots is your favorite?

A. That's a tough question... I'd have to say BB-8. I have friends who have young children and they love how they can make BB-8 nod, or shake his head in response to their kids' questions, and their kids just go crazy.

Q. I also go nutty over that feature. I get you, kids. What do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. Oh boy...I'm a total couch potato (Netflix/Video games)…otherwise I'm either trying to make it to the climbing gym, or I'm kicking it with my kitties: Bootsy and Buff (Dad gave you a shout out!!!). I have a lot of tech at home, so I'm usually tinkering around or reading up on new things so that I can keep myself up to date.

Q. Dad’s on the blog, kitties! What’s your favourite thing about living in Colorado?

A. First and foremost, I love winter and all of the snow that comes with it! Colorado is full of wonderful, welcoming people, and of course, some of the best craft beers in the world!

Q. Yes. Word to all those things. What place do you recommend I gotta check out?

A. Oh gosh. My favorite drinking spot is the Colorado Keg House. 75 craft beers on tap all from Colorado!

Q. 75? Holy catfish, I’m sold. Ok, one last question—tell me something about yourself that will blow my mind.

A. Well...I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I've never been on a surf board. Mind blown?


  1. Eye spy.
  2. Mind the gap.
  3. Long-distance call.
  4. Stellar.
  5. Too fast. Too furious.
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