Weekly Wrap Up - CES 2017

10 Jan 2017
Weekly Wrap Up - CES 2017

CES, you get us every time. Not only sporting some of the coolest tech around—like those self-rocking bassinets we were dying to take a nap in—but also sporting some of the coolest attendees who were eager to hear about yours truly.

Well, ok, maybe it wasn’t ALL about us, but our Sphero City eye candy definitely helped lure them our way.

Tired of seeing the same old booths year after year? Us too. We took whimsy to the max and created a city within a convention... just because we could. And so the "City of Wonderment" was born in the City of Sin. No comment there.

Thirsty for knowledge? Our Bernstein and Wilson Coding Academy will get you thinking with SPRK+ bots. Curious what a Sphero is, anyway? Take a trip down our memory lane at Musee d’Orbay. VIP, you say? Come right through the $phero Reserve Bank to see what new products we have in store for 2017. Password, retinal scan and pizza required. No anchovies, please.

Even if they were only looking for the bathroom (which... we didn't go there), tourists to Sphero City were treated to attractions worthy of a Thrillist’s Top-10, or something like that.

A Day In The Life: Miles Keeny-Ritchie

Weekly Wrap Up - CES 2017

Q. Ok, to get this Q&A started, let’s get some formalities like your name and title out of the way.

A. My name is Miles and I am a mechanical engineer.

Q. So what does your life at Sphero look like on the daily?

A. Depending on where we are in the product development cycle, my job changes significantly. Early on, I help define what the product will be through prototyping potential user experiences. Later I work closely with our manufacturers to design the actual mechanical components of our products, while ensuring they meet our performance specifications.

Q. Care to impart any advice for future mechanical engineers?

A. Tinker and Hack! Constantly build things and find what you are passionate about. Through this you will learn problem solving and other skills that are difficult to learn academically. Earning a degree in mechanical engineering is a good foundation though!

Q. Can you share what you’re currently working on, or is it super secret?

A. My current project is two levels above super secret, sorry. Earlier this year though I worked on the Force Band. The magnetic clasp and button were challenging.

Q. Made it super easy for us to use the Force in a SNAP, though. What do you love most about working here?

A. This is where robots are born! (At least some of them.) I am eternally grateful that Sphero encourages me to explore new ideas and even celebrates my wacky side projects.

Q. Always celebrate the wacky. Which of our bots is your favorite?

A. Ollie! It is the most fun to drive, especially with the Force Band.

Q. When not making cool stuff, what do you like to do outside of Sphero?

A. I love to learn new things, whether it is reading a book on design, taking apart a machine to see how it works, or learning a new song on the guitar. I also love to run; Colorado is good for that!

Q.Yeah it is! Any other favorite things you enjoy about living here?

A. The climate—sunny and dry most of the time with just the right amount of snow to keep the winter interesting.

Q. The best description of our weather I’ve ever heard. What are some spots you recommend we check out?

A. There is a hill next to NCAR that overlooks Boulder. It is a perfect picnic place.

Q. You’re about to have a lot of new friends at your next picnic. Alright, to wrap this up, please share an interesting tidbit about yourself.

A. I once made a sculptural dress out of magazine pages and car parts.


  1. Five more minutes.
  2. Urban snow caps.
  3. Shy.
  4. Poke-bot.
  5. TBT.
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