Typing Challenge in the Orbotix Office

01 Dec 2011

Every Friday, the Orbotix team gathers together to discuss the week's progress and hash out our exciting plans for Sphero's future. Most companies call this a meeting. But most companies don't sit cross-legged in a circle, eating lunch and competing for a highly coveted parking pass to the downstairs garage. Each week, this pass is granted to a lucky individual who wins some sort of trivia. Typically, the trivia is a succession of outrageously technical, highly advanced programming questions. The marketing team rarely wins. But last Friday, the game changed.

Whitney, our Marketing Coordinator, challenged Gerred, our Web Engineer, to a typing duel (remember, Orbotix is a tech start-up). Both boasted typing speeds in the 100 WPM-range. See what happens when a blonde races a man with no symbols on his keyboard. Nerf-darts and heckling ensue...


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