Top 5 Show Us Your Hack Contest Winners

07 May 2013

For the past seven weeks, fans far and wide have been submitting their coolest inventions and hacks for the chance to win a free Sphero as part of the Show Us Your Hack contest. We kicked things off with a smartphone controlled blender here in our office, and you showed us your creativity with everything from Preston’s awesome underwater robot to Muchen’s LEGO Cyborg. Check out a roundup of the winners below. Congratulations again, and thank you to all who participated!

1. Charlie’s Sphero Egg Trick: It’s not news that pranking your friends with Sphero is a blast. But putting Sphero inside an edible Easter egg? A whole new level of surprise!

2. Alex’s Rube Goldberg Machine: Easily our most time consuming hack, Alex turned his bedroom into the ultimate obstacle course for Sphero. Watch to find out what you can do with a little elbow grease and some dominoes.

3. Cole’s Homemade Stylus Pen: Sometimes, all you need to be an engineer is a sponge and a paper clip. Cole showed us how it’s done with a homemade stylus pen and Sphero.

4. Andrico’s Javascript Hack: We’re glad this hack isn’t permanent. Watch as Andrico changes our website with only a few keystrokes. Good thing he’s a true fan!

5. Rose Rolls’ Hardware Hack: This class went above and beyond. They are the first engineers to take advantage of Sphero's open source hardware to build an autonomous, following Sphero. Watch the video to see how it works, and learn how impressive the hack really is.

Just because this contest has come to a close doesn’t mean the hacking ends here. Send us your creations for a chance to be featured, and stay posted on our Facebook page and Twitter for what we come up with next. You never know – it just might be a lawn mower controlled ceiling fan.

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