Top 10 Reasons Orbotix Loves Robots

14 Feb 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day. The perfect day to sit back, eat some chocolate, and reflect upon why we love robots. As a team of die-hard techies, hackers and makers, the general vibe is the same - robots make great lovers. Here are the top ten reasons why, according to the guys on the Orbotix team.

We love robots because”¦

1. Their love is unconditional.
2. They're easy to turn on.
3. They are imagination personified.
4. They don’t ask for much.
5. They’ll do anything you program them to.
6. They are a tool for us to create with.
7. We're robots.
8. They don’t talk back. And if they do, you can shut them off.
9. They make the impossible possible.
10. We have to.

One thing is for certain, we're all in a long-term relationship with Sphero. If you don't have a date for Valentine's Day, you can head over to our store to order own robotic companion. Flowers and dinner not included.

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