Top 10 Places for Developers to Work

11 Apr 2013

Calling all developers! Are you cool with having conferences in a Winnebago? Would you like to get professional house cleaning twice a month? Are you a fan of string cheese? If you answered, “Yes,” to any of these questions, then get your rà©sumà©s ready, because here is a list of the Top 10 Best Places for Developers to Work.

10. Roku – If you watch TV, listen up. This consumer electronics company has been rocking it in Internet video streaming for a while now. So far they've streamed 1 billion hours of TV, music, and games, and even sold one Roku player every second on Black Friday last year. Upgrade your boob tube experience at a Roku.

9. Evernote – This app-based company allows users to capture anything and access it anywhere. They also offers perks like professional house cleaning twice a month to all employees. That's right, if you are a horrible house cleaner and an app fanatic, Evernote is the company for you!

8. GitHub – GitHub is a stellar Web-based hosting service for software development projects that knows how to celebrate. When something big happens at GitHub, like releasing improvements to code search, GitHubbers from around the world cheers together. This worldwide toast is individually photographed by each GitHubber and turned into an animated GIF. Need we say more?

7. Rovio – Angry Birds. You know you've played it, and you know you love it. Besides being the company that created the infamous bird brand, Rovio boasts some other perks. Rather than simply e-mailing your opinion on the direction the company should head in the future, Rovio holds team building parties where employees make costumes out of old junk to portray where they think the company should head next. Party on!

6. The Coca-Cola Company – Ever heard of it? If you haven't been living on a deserted island, then you know the notorious soft drink company. Along with contributing to the development of delicious refreshments, you could be a part of the brand that shaped the image of Santa Claus. Yes, Coca-Cola has not only formed the world's view of beverages, but also of the jolly man who brings you gifts every holiday season.

5. Uber – Uber is uber cool. Integrating technology with cab service is their niche, but so are ping pong tournaments and string cheese. That means you’ll never go hungry while getting your game on during lunch breaks. Uber claims to have an unlimited amount of the stringy stuff ready for their employees.

4. Apple – Apple's products continue to be clean and straightforward, so you wouldn't expect any tomfoolery at work. Little did you know, the company admires freedom and flexibility so much so that Apple managers have reportedly shown up barefoot to meetings and had a masseuse on hand during the iPhone 4 launch. Time for a pedicure, developers!

3. Google – The star of the search engine, Google, likes to keep projects under the radar, but they are no noobs to a good time. At their campaign headquarters for Google Fiber, they let visitors check out how fast their fiber-optic Internet was while hosting movie nights and handing out Halloween candy for the kids. If you’re a geek with a sweet tooth, you might want to work here.

2. Nike – The victors of wearable technology have an interesting place for meetings, such as a Winnebago. Their $750 Craigslist purchase sits in what they call the “Innovation Kitchen” where employees hold conferences. Don't mind discussing your new developments in a motorhome? Then Nike means victory for you!

1. Orbotix – You didn’t see that coming, did you? While we might be biased, here are our top reasons we made the list. Every week, we give away a chicken foot and an F-Bomb for the best and dumbest things accomplished by someone on the team. Fridays we hack anything and everything we can get our hands on. Our community is tight knit and supportive, and likes a good happy hour (plus our fridge is permanently stocked for late nights at the office). We’re also known for some killer events, like last year’s Google I/O. And every day at Orbotix, we play with balls. Check out available opportunities to join our team today and tell your friends.

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