The Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orbotix

21 Mar 2012

The Orbotix team is a talented bunch. Sure, we build robots and hack things, but what we do in our free time is another story entirely. Here are a few of the fun facts about our team, behind the scenes. Don’t worry, this is only the first edition.

1. Our game designer, Ben, is a ninja with a black belt. He is constantly putting other team members into sneaky head-holds and chopping their pressure points throughout the day.

2. Jake, our operations manager, is a world-class chef (yet he never complains about our endless stash of candy and energy drinks).

3. Firmware engineer, Dan, wrote the firmware for the water fountains at the Bellagio. That means he practically knows Brad Pitt.

4. Our lead firmware engineer, Dave, occasionally referees a woman’s roller derby.

5. Marketing manager, Chuck, beat Ryan Seacrest on Live TV doing pushups. Watch here [LINK].

6. Bryan, our project coordinator, was raised in Africa and is a certified CAT 1 skydiver.

7. Damon, our digital media specialist, owns the only registered hovercraft in the state of Colorado. It sleeps two.

8. Our operations guy, Ross, sold his first company when he was 19 (after being expelled from high school). He is also certified to drive a semi-truck.

9. Scot, our web engineer, once slept on a park bench in Paris. Just because he could.

10. Our software engineer, Jon, received a cease and desist from Warner Bros. for his extremely popular Harry Potter website when he was 15. He also is the creator of the original iFart app.

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