The Technology Behind Sphero: Intro

23 Feb 2012

Our robot balls are on the loose and developers, programmers, and hackers are beginning to get involved in the Sphero community. The Sphero SDK has been unleashed and is already being utilized by Sphero fans (see Nicklas' video of a Sphero desktop port for a technology competition in Sweden). It's high time we delve into the technology behind the ball! After all, it's not really magic and fishtails that make Sphero go round. Well, maybe a little bit of magic.

The following video is an introduction to a series of posts and videos that will explain the creation of Sphero and the nitty-gritty details of the technology behind the ball. As Ian explains in the video, figuring out how to make a ball controllable is no easy task. Our two founders went through many renditions during their early stages in the TechStars program, and finally landed on the perfect system for Sphero. Let's let our co-founder Ian take it from here!

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