The New Kid on the Block

26 Oct 2011

Day number two in the office, I was welcomed with a ceremonious pelting of Nerf-darts. I left them lying all over my desk and floor space to add a touch of classic company decor. Really, if I cleaned up, I wouldn’t fit in. Plus, I’d like to keep some stocked to fight back the next time I’m caught unsuspecting and unarmed. Although not by design, I'm learning that the culture here at Orbotix has been defined by one very important fact – it is a company of sixteen guys. At least it was, until I showed up.

I am officially the first female, as well as the youngest and blondest, addition to the Orbotix team.  And where exactly am I rolling in from? A dude ranch, where I threw tomahawks and taught people how to shoot .22’s all summer long. There was no Internet. There were no robots.  But I’m pretty sure none of the guys here at Orbotix have ever cracked a bull-whip.  I can definitely teach them a thing or two.

Orbotix is that one in a million. That job you never really thought existed, where you get to play an integral role in a fascinating company while wearing five different hats at once. That’s the beauty of a start-up, right? I fell into the sights of Orbotix by chance, and literally could not have been luckier. My role is to tell the Sphero story by whatever means necessary – online content, social media and video are just a few of the areas I’ve touched since arriving two weeks ago. It’s challenging work, but so worth it.  For me, communicating with Sphero-lovers and sharing the inside scoop on everything happening with our magical little ball is what it’s all about.

It took a lot of brains to get the ball rolling, literally. Our programmers and developers are the real deal – the back-bone of the company. This is a place where personal initiative and hard work pay off, and twelve hour days are no big deal. Work is life, life is work, and it rocks! Really, where else do you get paid to play with robots all day?

Today I arrived early, amped to get into work. And I arrived to a completely empty office. Come to find out, most of the team had been up into the wee hours of the night working hard to make Sphero as awesome as possible before he heads out into the world.  Nerf-darts aside, I have been welcomed into a company culture full of innovation, creative genius, and passion.  Stay tuned for more from me later, I’m off to get acquainted with Sphero.  And in case you were wondering, yes, this is the best job ever.

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