The Countdown Begins As We Prepare For Launch!

14 Sep 2011

We’re starting the final countdown to Sphero’s launch (yep, cue music) and we have some big updates for all of our Sphero fans!

Drumroll, please . . . In our hands we hold the final production prototypes of Sphero. These are the exact models that will ship out to everyone later this year. Are we excited? YOU BET WE ARE!

They may look a bit different than what you’ve seen before and that’s because these new Spheros are the best we’ve ever created. We chose the strongest, sleekest polycarbonate shell to protect the robotic gaming engine inside. A slightly opaque white shell protects Sphero and still allows for the RBG color to shine through. Our new look is cool, fun and durable - plus it comes with an awesome induction charger. We can’t wait for you to take these for a spin!

Every day we’re getting closer to shipping out thousands of Spheros to our fans, and this final prototype has us on track to get Spheros out in the wild later this year. Make sure you pre-order Sphero so that you’re in that lucky group!

There’ll still be many more surprises as we get closer to launch. Plus, we just added a cool new feature to Sphero Golf, updated Sphero Drive with three types of onscreen controls, and even created KittyCam! You can expect more updates in the coming weeks - but first, we’re very excited to give the east coasters a sneak preview of Sphero during Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular. Next stop, The Big Apple!

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