The Ball Revealed - Sphero

08 Dec 2010

Say hello to Sphero

Back in June we gave a sneak peek of our innovative robotic ball controlled by a smartphone. Today we give you a first look at our ground-breaking prototype.

I know what you're thinking - nice ball.  Exactly. (BTW this is a render of what it will look like).

74mm in diameter, inductive charging, controlled via bluetooth, and other cool features not yet disclosed.

We are changing the interactive experience by turning your smartphone into a robot controller. Think of Sphero as an entirely new game platform - one that moves. The ball in you living room now becomes the object in the game on your iOS or Android device.  We've been working hard to fully develop our platform hoping it inspires developers to make tons of games.  Some examples we've shared before: solve a maze rolling Sphero around on the floor, challenge a friend to a head-to-head sumo match or control a device in your friend’s apartment, from your apartment.

As many of you already know, our API is open to all and we are excited to provide a platform for application and game developers to create some cool new apps for Sphero.

So when can you check out Sphero in all its glory? The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show! We will be on the floor, in action, plus at the pre-CES event ShowStoppers - details to follow shortly. So if you are going to CES, plan to swing by and play with our...Spheros. (It's about time we named it - that joke is getting old).

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