01 Aug 2010

Things have been wild here at GearBox! The 2010 Boulder Techstars investor day is this Thursday so we have been absolutely slammed with refining our pitch. I really enjoy running the business but if I had to pick between getting my hands dirty doing development and being in front of hundreds of investors pitching our idea I would much rather be doing development. If you don't know whatTechstars is I would recommend checking us out in The Founders series that Megan Sweeney has been putting together. However, I watched the videos of last years companies before the summer started and I really thought it was going to be all sessions, social events, and fun. While it's certainly a lot of fun being here we literally work 15-21 hour days seven days a week. It's weird that after 8 hours I feel like I'm just getting going for the day and I'm ready to crank for another 7 to 13 hours. I can't even remember the last time I had a day off to relax. We work so hard here at Techstars that I could quickly name off at least five or six people that no longer have girlfriends, including myself, because we don't have time for anything outside of our companies. It's intense! Anyway, that said, Techstars is definitely the best thing we could have done to accelerate our company and if you are serious about starting a company of your own you should really think about applying. I would have even given up double or even triple the 6% Techstars takes in order to have the connections, mentors, and exposure we have gotten so it's well worth it.

Please post a comment if you have any questions regarding our Techstars experience. We would love to share!

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