Support New Sphero App on Kickstarter: 3D Sphero Glide

31 Oct 2012

As a robotics start-up, we always enjoy supporting entrepreneurs in the gaming community. Especially when they are building games for Sphero! Meet the Graika brothers, who have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a controller-based Sphero app they’re working on – Sphero Glide.

We were first introduced to Skylar and Casey Graika during our Hack Tour in Seattle this past summer. The two Washington State University grads had been working as engineers at airplane manufacturing giant Boeing, but were looking for a creative outlet that would combine their passion for programming and games. After checking out the possibilities for gameplay with Sphero and meeting the Orbotix team, the Graikas decided a weekend hackathon wasn’t going to cut it. They wanted to build something more substantial and approached us for guidance. We got them rolling with a couple Spheros for testing and tech support, and they were off to the races. Orbotix CEO Paul Berberian says it best, “We couldn’t be more proud of them, and wish them great success.”

Here’s where you come in. To make a full-blown gaming experience with Sphero, Skylar and Casey landed on Unity, a 3D development tool that makes gaming come to life visually. Once the artwork is complete for Sphero Glide, you will fly custom gliders through beautiful landscapes around the world fulfilling various objectives, all at the command of Sphero in the palm of your hand. In order to complete their vision for this revolutionary 3D controller game, they now need your support. Swing by their page on Kickstarter today to learn more about the app and donate. You could even win a sweet t-shirt or Sphero in the process!

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