Sphero's The Rolling Dead Now Available on iOS and Android

04 Jun 2013
Sphero's The Rolling Dead.

The zombiepocalypse is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited. Just in time for summer, Sphero’s The Rolling Dead has arrived in all its gruesome glory. As the first augmented reality game for Sphero that is available for both iOS and Android, The Rolling Dead is unlike any game you've ever played. Here’s why.

In this thrilling twist on the zombie craze, the world becomes a video game and you choose the surroundings. By simply looking through your device's camera, you can watch your living room floor, driveway, or any place you choose become infested with the undead. While mayhem unfolds, it's your job to use Sphero as a fireball-shooting warrior to battle against virtual zombies as they spawn in front of your eyes. Drive Sphero around to gain ammo and set the corpses on fire as quickly as possible before being eaten. You can even collect fiery power-ups that turn Sphero into a flaming ball for maximum zombie-destroying potential. See what your experience will feel like in the video above, and check out the real app in action below.

Download Sphero’s The Rolling Dead for iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android today. The mayhem is waiting.

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