25 Jan 2011

A sincere thanks to the thousands of people that checked out Sphero at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  It was an absolutely amazing and fantastic show for us.  The enormous positive reaction we received at CES from consumers, developers, buyers and the press was simultaneously overwhelming and magical for us.

After a lot of hard work, it was great for our team to see folks immediately stop and say "Wow – can I drive it?"  People loved driving Sphero around obstacles, over jumps and through a course where they could accelerate and then turn on a dime and go the other direction.  Driving Sphero certainly brings out the playful kid in people.

Almost everyone we met had an idea for a cool gaming app they wanted paired with Sphero - office golf, bowling, summo, tug-of-war, augmented reality Katamari Damacy and many others.  You name an idea for an app and we heard it – from pet lovers saying they'd like an app to drive their cat or dog wild to serious looking defense contractors asking if Sphero could be used to clear the bad guys from a building.

What's next for us?  After CES, we'll be focusing on getting Sphero ready for our launch in late 2011.  So we'll be working like crazy on manufacturing and software development to deliver a really cool robotic ball paired with fun and addictive gaming apps.  We'll also be busy selecting our retail and distribution launch partners so you can grab a Sphero when you want one.

For those interested in being among the first to buy Sphero, we've created a free reservation list.  Simply sign up and you'll secure a place in line to get a Sphero hot off the line before anyone else.

So thanks again everyone.  It's been an amazing experience and we're excited to bring Sphero to market!

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