Sphero Shipment Status

07 Dec 2011

Dear Sphero customers and fans,

Over the past few weeks we have received a flood of emails from people who have either pre-ordered a Sphero or are thinking about pre-ordering a Sphero and are wondering when it will be delivered.

The bottom line: demand has been greater than expected and our production capabilities are slower than we planned.  What that means is only a handful of orders are going to be fulfilled before the holidays and the majority of orders will be fulfilled in January.

I’d like to blame it on one big thing out of our control, but I can’t.  We simply underestimated the number of units we’d need to make and, more importantly, we miscalculated how long it would take to bring up the production line.

As I write this there are literally hundreds of Spheros sitting in boxes being watched over by our Co-founder and CTO, Ian. They are awaiting a final quality check prior to being shipped to customers.  Soon there will be thousands. Ian has lived in China since the beginning of August overseeing the manufacturing process.  Our entire hardware team has made multi-week trips to the factory to help speed things up. Folks have missed Thanksgiving, anniversaries, graduations and worked around the clock trying to get Spheros into the hands of our loyal customers.

And while a tremendous effort is being made - we missed the mark.

Here is what we are doing to make it up to you:

1) Everyone who already pre-ordered is getting free expedited shipping.
2) People who pre-ordered expecting a Sphero in time for the holidays will get a free Sphero t-shirt and a holiday card as a placeholder until the real Sphero arrives.

Finally, I simply want to apologize.  We put a ton of effort into building up hype for this holiday season only to fall short of making good on the hype.  But we hope that when your Sphero does arrive, it will make up for this delay in shipping with hours of entertainment for you and your friends.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


CEO, Orbotix

Ian and Jim working in China

Spheros boxed for assessment after life-testing

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