Sphero Rolls with the Punches

10 Nov 2011

After pre-orders officially opened last week, we received many questions from fans about Sphero’s durability. Here are the details you’ve all been waiting for.

Sphero is a sophisticated robot, capable of many things. He can be a race-car, a golf ball, and a friend. The possibilities are endless, and because of this, we have created Sphero to be quite durable. We've outfitted him in a high-impact polycarbonate shell to protect all of his technology, and have sealed him tight so that he can take a swim. Sure, Sphero may accidentally slip through your hand in an intense game of Chromo and crash on the floor. Sphero may even get the boot if he rolls under an unsuspecting foot during Draw N' Drive. No worries, just don’t go driving him off the second story. As proud parents of this magical little ball, we'll be the first to boast of his stellar ability to withstand the unexpected.

But keep in mind, Sphero is intended for low-impact adventure and fun. You should never abuse, kick, throw, hit, chew, crush, bounce, violently shake or excessively drop Sphero. These activities are meant for a soccer ball, not an advanced piece of technology. Take your smartphone for example; sure, it can withstand a few accidental drops, but the more you fumble it the more likely it is to break. Do not disassemble Sphero (he hates surgery), or expose to extreme environmental conditions (he likes a mild climate). And lastly, we do not recommend handing Sphero over to the wrath of children, even though it’s kind of cute. Here's some footage of Sphero rolling with the punches, but don't try this at home!


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