Sphero Rolls Out Six New Apps

28 Aug 2012

Summer is coming to an end, but the fun is just getting rolling with Sphero. We’re excited to announce the launch of six new apps, including our first multi-player apps and first arcade-style game. Now there are even more possibilities for how you can engage with Sphero every day.

Our first multi-player apps, TAG and ColorGrab, make Sphero the perfect addition to any party. Whether you’ve got one robot or many, you now have a way to play with family and friends. Get a group together, and let the games begin!

After a demo at CES 2012 (known then as Sphero Spacefighter), the much-anticipated Sphero Exile is ready to launch. Fly through space, destroy enemies, and collect weapon upgrades using Sphero as a controller in our first arcade-style game. This release contains the first seven sectors of gameplay, with more on the way.

Sphero loves third-party apps, and Doodle Grub is no exception. With more than 5 million downloads worldwide, you can now use Sphero to control your grub while gobbling up apples and avoiding enemies. Careful, you just might get addicted!

Finally, we’ve redesigned two Sphero apps to make them smarter and faster. Sphero v2 combines Sphero Drive, Sphero, SpheroCam, and other new functions into one central app. In addition, Golf v2 has been revamped for more intuitive gameplay, including hook and slice mechanics, and better accuracy. Check out the video below to see all these apps in action.

You can download Exile, ColorGrab, TAG, and Golf v2 this week. Doodle Grub and Sphero v2 will be available September 14th, 2012. For more info visit our apps page and be sure to let us know what you think by posting to our Facebook Page.

Remember, Sphero also has a firmware update available that hugely improves your driving experience. Cool enhancements include: Vector Drive, Fast Aiming, and Auto-Leveling. Check out the blog post for more information.

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