Sphero+QuickLeft Hackfest Recap

01 May 2012

We had one of our first larger hack events last Wednesday at Quick Left. This was a special one because we teamed up with Sam Breed from Quick Left to bring PhoneGap to Sphero. For those who don’t know, PhoneGap is a mobile framework that allows developers who write in HTML5 and Javascript to create Sphero apps! Now, virtually any type of developer can build for Sphero. Check out the PhoneGap SDK here: https://github.com/orbotix/Sphero-Phonegap-SDK

Devs had two hours to create something for Sphero. At the end of the night everyone was yelling, “More time! More time!”. In the end, Forrest won with his “Friendly Sphero” app. It utilized a form of collision detection to cause Sphero to change direction when it runs into something.

To kick off our official Sphero Hack Tour 2012, we’re also having another event this weekend at Google Boulder. More info can be found here: http://spheroboulder.eventbrite.com/

Thank you to Becca, Bing and Quick Left for having us!

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