Sphero Pranks: Your April Fools Assignment

28 Mar 2012

Sphero is a sophisticated robot. It is also a clever, sneaky little ball that is perfect for all things April Fool’s (we might even go as far as to say it’s Sphero’s favorite holiday). Whether you prefer office pranks or surprising the family dog, Sphero is the perfect companion for your jokester ways this Sunday, April 1st. That’s why next week we will be having an April Fool’s video contest in place of our Free Sphero Giveaway.

Get out there, surprise and shock your friends, and be sure to record their responses (we suggest using SpheroCam or getting a buddy to videotape the hilarity). The deadline for entries is next Friday, April 6th, which gives you a whole week to get the antics rolling. Submit your entries via Facebook and Twitter, and we'll pick the best prank of the bunch!

We decided to try our hand – and driving skills – at the local coffee shop (thank you Ozo Coffee for your good humor) and here are some of the best responses we saw.

To get a camera so close to the people, we used a GoPro sneakily placed inside a coffee sleeve. We also had another camera set up a few tables away for good measure.

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