Sphero Opens the Robotic Kimono at Google I/O

10 May 2011

We are building the world’s first robotic ball with an open and absolute killer API. We want the smartest developers around reinventing the concept of play with Sphero.

Android developers and the Google community at-large can now get complete access to our code through an open API here at Google I/O. We want to create a developer-friendly ecosystem and encourage innovation, collaboration and even friendly competition with a world of Sphero apps, which is why iOS app development is also fully supported with this release.

So why build apps for Sphero? To start, we are offering a special discounted rate and early delivery for developers who register and apply for their Spheros now. Once accepted, developers will also receive early access to software features, new prototypes and even the chance to win a free Sphero once they’ve submitted an app.

Sphero developers can register at gosphero.com/developer and see the full API right out of the gate. They can also send us feedback here if they have any suggestions, tips, hacks or killer knock-knock jokes. But wait! There’s more!

People who register for the developers program will have access to:

Ӣ The full SDK for both Android and iOS

Ӣ Sample apps and developer guides

Ӣ Developer Forums and Idea Portal

Ӣ Hack-a-thons, bounties and contests

Ӣ Education discounts

Ӣ A new community developing for an innovative platform

You won’t need an actual Sphero to make a killer app, but in order to get every interested developer access to Sphero we are going to hold several Hack-a-thons where our master app makers can code, test, caffeinate and repeat with our awesome robotic ball. Even though getting your hands on a Sphero will take some time, we really want to start building a community of active developers now. Additionally, we support any educators who would like to use Sphero as a teaching tool and will provide discounts to those who register.

We will be at the opening reception of Google I/O this evening. If you want a hearty slice of robotic fun, come and get it.

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