Sphero Nyan Cat SpaceParty: Contest Winner

13 Mar 2013

For the past three weeks, ballers worldwide have been sending in their best action shots of the Sphero app, Nyan Cat SpaceParty. The swag at stake? A Nyan Cat plush toy, a box of PopTarts, and a custom hand painted Sphero valued at over $350. We saw bacon, bumble bees, and nearly every other character the seven-level game has to offer. For every lollipop collected, there were just as many votes coming in the forms of “likes” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While every submission showed some serious party, the swag goes to Sumeet who rounded up 393 likes. All our balls are belong to him. Shout out to our runner up, Kayla, who actually beat the game (see below)!


 Thank you to all the fans who submitted their coolest gameplay photos. You all form an elite league of space ballers who can not only shoot bacon and dodge hazards, but also manage to take a screenshot at the same time. The fun isn’t over yet! Check back for more contests as we ramp up for a spring hacking extravaganza. All we can say now is, you’re going to want to start brainstorming.

Missed the contest? There's still time to check out the app.

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