Sphero meets "The Secret History of Balls" author Josh Chetwynd

13 May 2011

Monday night in downtown Boulder,  author Josh Chetwynd was at the Boulder Bookstore signing copies of his new book, The Secret History of Balls.  We felt a bit sad that our 75mm robotic pal hadn't made the cut, so we decided Josh and Sphero needed to meet!

Josh is not only an author, he is also a journalist, broadcaster, and former minor-league baseball player. Sphero listened to stories from Josh about how balls were responsible for developing a new industry (plastics), sorting out class wars (Australian rules football) and naming the largest sporting event in the world (The Superbowl), but Sphero really lit up when he learned that Cubo had a 150 year old ancestor in the sport of Field Hockey...Really!

After Josh finished speaking, Ian and Sphero got in some orb-on-author time - it's not too often that an expert is presented with a "game changer," but that's exactly what Sphero and his dynamically reprogrammable behavior offers: the ball, evolved (and no class warfare instigation).  We think Josh's next book should be titled "The Future of Balls"...Starring Sphero, of course.

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