Sphero is in Stock and Rolling to Canada

17 Feb 2012

Launching Sphero has been a roller-coaster ride. And while we’re still screaming along with our hands in the air, we are excited to announce that Sphero is in stock. Pre-orders have been fulfilled and those who order now won’t have to wait for Sphero to ship.

To order Sphero today, U.S. fans can visit our store or Amazon.com.

But wait, there’s more. Sphero is now shipping to our fans in Canada! You can find Sphero online at Amazon.ca to make sure you’re one of the first to have a ball up North.

For those of you who ordered Spheros but don’t have someone to race against, now is the time to encourage your friends to join the fun! And if you’ve been on the fence, wait no longer. Sphero is shipping in real time, and we have more mixed-reality apps on the way. This will be a big year for Sphero, and we would love to have you along for the ride. Make sure to join us on Facebook for exclusive content and contests. You can also join us on Twitter.

While this is exciting news, we understand that many international fans are anxious for Sphero to roll over-seas. We are finalizing international certifications and will begin shipping internationally as soon as we are able. We’re rolling as quickly as we can! Sign up here to be notified when Sphero rolls abroad.

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