Sphero In The Wild Contest: Winners

04 May 2012

Instead of giving away one Sphero this Friday, we decided to give away five. The catch? You had to capture an image of Sphero in the Wild. We wanted to see Sphero rolling around in his new homes around the world, and that's exactly what you gave us! We received pictures of Sphero in all kinds of crazy, new scenarios - resting in a pile of puppies, touring the front of a castle, adventuring on a hike, and even hanging out in space. The five submissions for this week's contest went above and beyond! Congratulations everyone. Send us your shipping information at support@gosphero.com and we will have a free Sphero rolling your way.

Jà©rà´me Kalifa for his "Sphero in France" Series

Marc Rousere for climbing 15 ft up a Saguaro cactus to put Sphero in it

Randy Green for his "Nesting Sphero"

Chris Edwards for introducing Sphero to a phone booth in the UK

Andre Gerdts for his "Sphero in Germany" Series

A quick shout-out to Jason Carter, who desperately wanted to win a Sphero this week. He crumbled up a sheet of white paper, placed it in the wild, and claimed it acted just like a Sphero. Way to be creative! Stay posted, Jason - you will have another chance to win soon. Next week we're up to our old tricks. Simply send in your best Sphero creation via Twitter and Facebook to win a free ball.

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