Sphero Has Officially Rolled Around The World

16 May 2013

Prepare to add another explorer to the history books. With fans like you at the controls, Sphero has officially rolled around the entire circumference of the Earth! Since day one, we’ve been tracking his movements on Spheroverse and keeping an eye on your stats (like collisions and color changes). For a robot that fits in the palm of your hand, we think rolling the Earth’s 24,901 mile circumference is a milestone worth celebrating.

Circumnavigating the globe isn’t the first momentous achievement we’ve marked down in the Orbotix history books. Since his release in December 2011, Sphero has memorably rolled in a straight line, launched the first augmented reality app of its kind, and grown into a 150lb behemoth that played with a pride of lions. We are extremely proud parents, but we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Get the stats below on your combined Sphero accomplishments to date.

Worldwide Sphero Statistics to Date
Rolled the length of 950 marathons or 12.45 Oregon Trails
Summited Mt. Everest 4527 times
Swam to the deepest part of the ocean 3557 times
Fallen from the stratosphere 1037 times
Swam the length of 25% of all swimming pools in the USA
Circumnavigated the moon 4 times
Swam the length of the Nile over 6 times
Gone over Niagara Falls 825,000 times
Fallen from the tallest building in the world over 50,000 times

Sphero has gone great distances on Earth, but he's not done yet. With only 213,954 more miles to cover, Sphero’s just getting warmed up for a journey to the moon. Drivers, take your mark. Get set – GO!

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