Sphero Hack Tour Rolls out Astro Ball App

27 Jul 2012

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 has made stops in Boulder and Austin, and we're already seeing some killer apps roll out by third-party developers. The latest addition to the growing selection of Sphero apps does not disappoint – AstroBall for Sphero. A 3D arcade-style flight simulator game, AstroBall lets you use Sphero as a controller to navigate your AstroBall through hoops by twisting, tilting, and turning Sphero in your hand. The game starts at an easy pace, and gradually gets more challenging as you progress through 15 levels. Each level is randomly generated so that you'll never play the same game twice! AstroBall is available on Google Play for Android.

Be sure to check out the other hack tour winner, Etch-O-Matic - available for both iOS and Android. The next stop on the hack tour is Seattle on August 17th, and we can't wait to see what the Seattleites come up with! It will be the first hackathon ever held in Seattle's City Hall. Space is limited, so sign up here to join the fun.

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