Sphero Hack Tour 2012: Seattle

23 Aug 2012

The Sphero Hack Tour 2012 is rolling right along. Last weekend we made our third stop in Seattle for a very special hackathon held in the city hall. It was the first non-government tech event ever held at that venue, and we kicked it off in classic Sphero-style with cases of energy drinks and tons of code. Over 50 developers and designers joined us to create apps for Sphero. Of these, the following three are the winners. Congratulations!

1st Place for $500 & an HTC One X: Sphero Shake Away created by Qays Poonawala, Matt Harding, and Juan Moreno, is an app made for the pool. You shake Sphero for points while it’s flashing your team color, and then throw it across the water when it stops. The other team has to go retrieve Sphero and do the same. Check out this fun video to see the game in action!

2nd Place for $250: DJ Sphero by Arleta Landon, Rommel Landon, Robert Eickmann, and Joanna allows you to change the speed of music coming from your iPad using Sphero as the controller.

3rd Place for $100: Sphero Seven is an app that allows you to control multiple Spheros from your web browser. Now you can drive like a pro and code in the same window. Created by Andrei Pop, Rob O’Dwyer and Yazad.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Seattle, and to Sol Villareal and the Seattle government for hosting us! We would also like thank all our sponsors: HTC, Jones Soda, Startup City, Geekwire, and Thinkspace. We can’t wait to see apps released in the wild for Sphero. Stay posted to find out when they go live. Our next stop on the tour is San Francisco – sign up now!

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