Sphero Hack Tour 2012: Austin

19 Jun 2012

Sphero rolled into Austin last weekend for our second stop on the Sphero Hack Tour. The weekend was jam-packed with developers, robots, and plenty of barbecue! Out of the nine apps submitted for Sphero, we picked the following as best of show.

  • 1st Place for $500 App: Sphero Lights by Shaun Dubuque Description: Lights is an Android app that allows Sphero to respond to sound – for driving, dancing, and ambient lights. With the help of audio algorithms, Sphero strobes and moves to the sound of the music with the mic input on your device.
  • 2nd Place for $250 App: Sphero Hoops by Ryan Ayers Description: Use Sphero as a controller to fly through virtual 3D hoops on your Android device. The game gets faster and more difficult the farther you go.
  • 3rd Place for $100 App: Sphero Wiimote Control by  Cruz Monrreal Description: Sphero Wiimote Control allows you to control Sphero using the Nintendo Wiimote D-PAD, so that you don’t even need your phone. This app is also for Android.

We look forward to seeing these apps finished up and released for Sphero! Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you as well to Keith and HubAustin for hosting us! We’re already gearing up for our next stop in Seattle on July 13th. Sign up now!

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