Sphero Gets an Upgrade!

23 May 2011

If you visit our website today, you will notice something a little different. Sphero's got a brand new bag! Maybe you think we just drive balls around the office all day, which is partially true...but we are also working hard to get Sphero ready to meet the world! As we tweak the kinks and figure out the best way to build out our Sphero prototype, adjustments happen. This includes the outside of Sphero too (a ball's gotta look fresh, ya know?). We're getting closer to a final product and below is a render of where we think Sphero will be!

We also did a complete redesign of the Drive Application. All of the same features are still there, but we moved a few items to give you a better driving experience. For example, that awesome Boost feature? Well instead of just a button we made it accessible across the entire steering area, in  app! Get ready to jump those ramps and Boost past your cats.

Sphero keeps getting more and more awesome every day! There's more good news to come so stay tuned and remember to tell your friends to reserve their very own Sphero here!

Old School

New School

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