Free Sphero Giveaway April Fool's Winner

06 Apr 2012

People and pets alike have hilarious responses to Sphero. After all, balls don't typically roll around on their own. That is why we decided that in honor of April Fool's Day, the Weekly Sphero Giveaway for this week would go to the best prank recorded on video. To set the example, we took our best shot at a local coffee shop with the old Sphero under a cup trick, and were met with great success. This week's winner used the cup trick on his pup, attached a carrot to Sphero to lure an unsuspecting bunny (speaking of bunnies), and more. Take a look!

Congratulations to this super-fan (who actually made a Twitter account and YouTube channel under the name "Go Sphero"). We like your enthusiasm and dedication! You will soon have an extra Sphero to play with all those pets of yours. Keep the submissions coming for next week! We are back to normal accepting any and all creations, so post to @gosphero on Twitter or on our Facebook page and we will pick the most creative submission to win a free Sphero next Friday.

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