Sphero does SXSW 2013: #TeamZombie vs #TeamBeaver

07 Mar 2013

zombievsbeaverSXSW is back, and so is Sphero. But this time, you won’t just find him rolling around the greatest BBQ destinations in Austin, TX. Instead, he’ll be going big at the official SXSW Gaming Expo 2013. Come by to take Sphero for a spin, vote for your favorite augmented reality character for Sphero (#TeamZombie or #TeamBeaver) to get a slap bracelet (yes, a slap bracelet), and tell us why you love robots on our interactive chalkboard. And in case the humidity’s got you down, race Sphero around our track to win a fresh Sphero t-shirt.

We’ve also got some brand new apps up our sleeves. The first third-party game to make its big debut at SXSW is Zombie Rollers. Use Sphero to survive in a town infested by zombies in this arcade-style controller game. Jump in your Zombieball for protection and roll down as many zombies as possible, but be careful – your ball won’t last forever. Zombie Rollers is available for download on iOS today and will be a hit as the zombie craze continues to roll through Texas.

You’re also going to want to check out Pass the Sphero, a reinvention of the classic hot potato party game. Gather up to six friends to test your nerve and see who can rack up the most points before they get burned using Sphero as the potato. The player who can meet their point target first wins. Learn more here.


Last but not least, be one of the first to play the soon to be released augmented reality app, Sphero’s The Rolling Dead (photo above). Find us in the Palmer Events Center at booth #719 to get in on the gaming action! Let Sphero make your SXSW 2013 one to remember. Believe us, you’ll want one of those slap bracelets.

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