Sphero Does Mobile Asia Expo 2012

22 Jun 2012

This week, Sphero rolled across the globe to attend the Mobile Asia Expo 2012 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China. The expo showcased cutting-edge technology including products, devices, and apps. It also worked double-time as a conference for mobile professionals. All in all, the Mobile Asia Expo was the perfect event for Sphero to strut his stuff.

How exactly did he strut it? Up to 20,000 MAE attendees had the opportunity to race Sphero around, play a round of croquet, or even bowl using one seriously versatile robot. The competition was fierce as Sphero drivers tried to race against the clock, beat their friends, and knock down the most pins. You can expect Sphero to be at more events, shows, and hacks in the future! Contact us at support@gosphero.com if you'd like information on how to get Sphero rolling around your event.

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