Sphero Does E3 and Announces New App

13 Jun 2012

Last week, Sphero rolled to the west coast for the 2012 E3 Expo, "Innovation Unveiled". The world's premier trade show for all things gaming, E3 is well known for being the event of the year – at least in the circles Sphero rolls in! What better time to unveil Sphero's new mascot, show off a new app, and introduce thousands to one powerful little robot?

Let's start with the mascot – SpheroMan. He was one of the most popular characters to wander the halls of E3, and if you were lucky enough to spot him, you know why. Sporting a huge Sphero-logo helmet with built-in LED's just like a real Sphero, SpheroMan stole the spotlight. Along with him were our three Sphero Girls, who had fun introducing the crowds to a whole new type of gaming system. Needless to say, the Sphero team made an impression on the gaming community. Check out the video below to see a recap!


We also showed off Sphero Exile, an app we're incredibly excited about. Coming in July, this new app for both iOS and Android will let you fly a virtual space fighter using Sphero as a 3D controller. Try to make your way home as you dodge alien spaceships and blow them to dust with your antimatter cannon. Use Sphero to steer the ship, aim, and even activate weapons. Special attacks, weapon upgrades, and add-ons are all at your fingertips. Get ready to game with Sphero like never before, and stay posted to find out when Exile will be available via Facebook and Twitter.


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