Sphero Desktop Port

22 Feb 2012

There are many ways to play with Sphero. That’s the beauty of this little robot. Whether you’re a hard-core programmer or a youngster, Sphero offers entertainment unique to every user. And while we love to see little kids gleefully call Sphero magical, we are thrilled whenever a hacker or maker does something unique with our robot.

That’s why this YouTube video by Nicklas stands out. First of all, the dude’s got three balls. And second of all, he’s using the techier side of Sphero’s capabilities (via our open API and mobile SDK) to synchronize all three. Check out how a computer can be used as a different interface to play and create with Sphero. If you'd like to get started on your own Sphero project, be sure to check out our developer page. Thanks for sharing, Nicklas!

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